Penmex Host Top Gun / Rising Star Event & Christmas Party

glen kirsty top gun pic

On the 6th of December we held our final Top Gun / Rising Star event of the year. It was an action packed weekend as we also held our Christmas party. This was the second event of it’s kind that we have held. The first one proved to be extremely popular. The competition prize acted as a good motivator and incentive for our independent sales contractors. This time we battled it out with our Newcastle office rivals at laser-tag.

At Penmex we firmly believe that people should be recognised and rewarded for their efforts when doing a good job. We believe a key factor in our success has been the fun, friendly and nurturing work environment we offer. A good working atmosphere is crucial for a prosperous working environment. If people feel appreciated then they are happier and more productive in what they do.

Being in a highly competitive industry, we always enjoy being involved in anything to do with competition, and we especially enjoy going up against our business associates in Newcastle. It was Edinburgh vs. Newcastle. The top guns and rising stars we selected for this event were; Darren Boyle, Yanis Johnstone, Connor McAllister and Gordon Moffatt. 

After we battled it out at laser-tag, later that night we attended our Christmas party.  The festive spirit was in full swing, everyone having the opportunity to get together to laugh, relax and interact.

10 xmas 1

In the 6 months we have been open, we have experienced a lot of growth and have laid some strong foundations for the New Year. Our early success can be largely attributed to the incredible people we work with, and we are excited for the year ahead to find the next wave of talented sales contractors, who will take part in these events in future, and help take Penmex forward.

Penmex were established in response to an ever growing need for below-the-line marketing solutions, as recent research has suggested that consumers are experiencing brand fatigue as a result of repeated exposure to above-the-line marketing.  We specialise in below-line customer acquisition through providing cost effective, measurable and tailor-made events-based marketing solutions.

Penmex Reflect on 2014 And Look To The Year Ahead

While the festive season is traditionally the time of year when many business begin to wind-down, as an events-based marketing company the festive season has been our  is our busiest time of the year, as events and venues up and down the country experience their highest footfall in the run up to Christmas. With the New Year fast approaching we have started to reflect on the year that’s past and we are beginning to look ahead to 2015.

When we opened in June, nobody could have predicted the incredible 6 months we’ve experienced here at Penmex. We were well aware that the first year in business is traditionally the hardest, and while it had been a steep learning curve, we have experienced tremendous success. For the last 4 weeks, back to back, we have been the number 1 office in the UK for our client in the Finance sector, which is an incredible feat and something that we are extremely proud of.

We started with 7 people and along the way we have assembled a group of amazing men and women who share our passion and enthusiasm for what we do and who have put in an incredible amount of hard work an effort to get Penmex to where we are today. Our people are our business and our mission is to provide an abundance of learning opportunities for everyone in order to enable them to reach their full potential.

Looking ahead to 2015 we want to expand our business. The first goal is to grow our office to 50 people in January, commonly one of the busiest times in the job market, with many people seeking a change of career as a result of new years resolutions. This growth is to enable us to expand into other UK markets by the end of the second Financial Quarter. Before the year ends we anticipate that we will have moved into at least 2 new cities and be well on the way to establishing Penmex as a market leader in the UK.

Penmex were established in response to an ever growing need for below-the-line marketing solutions, as recent research has suggested that consumers are experiencing brand fatigue as a result of repeated exposure to above-the-line marketing.  We specialise in below-line customer acquisition through providing cost effective, measurable and tailor-made events-based marketing solutions.

The Penmex Rising Star / Top Gun Weekend

On the first weekend of November we held our final Rising Star & Top Gun weekend of the year. These weekends are designed to recognise and reward the independent sales contractors we work with who have shown great consistency in their performance over the last couple of months and also to give credit to the people who are new to the business and are already showing promising signs of being the next front runners. This time we had the opportunity to hold a joint event with our business associates in Newcastle.

The lucky winners were; Sophie Zoeller, Kayleigh Skinner and Darren Boyle.


The weekend kicked off with paint-balling at one of Scotland’s top paint-balling venues Bedlam Paint-baling, in Edinburgh. Edinburgh versus Newcastle made it extremely competitive and the combat game was a big hit as always.

After the exertion of paint-balling we had a relaxing evening at a VIP Champagne Bar in Edinburgh City Centre.


The weekend was a great team bonding session and was a well earned reward for those selected as the Top Guns and Rising Stars.  With only 5 weeks left till the end of the year we are excited to find the next wave of talented people who will be attending these events next year.

Penmex Top 10 Reasons Why Being an Entrepreneur Is Awesome!

Being an entrepreneur allows you to control your own destiny.  As your own boss you don’t need to answer to anyone.  You and you alone are the one who decides how hard you want to work and as a result how successful you want to be.  Here at Penmex we have compiled a lost of what we consider the top 10 reasons why being an entrepreneur is awesome!

1. Work With People You Like

One of the major benefits of being an entrepreneur is having the ability to pick and choose who you do business with. Surrounding yourself with people who share your passion and enthusiasm is one of the key factors for success, you need to surround yourself with people who will elevate you rather than bring you down.

2. Create Your Own Opportunities

As your own boss you have the ability to create your own opportunities by doing things like attending conferences, building a network of people you can got to for advice and guidance.

3. Being Your Own Boss

Being your own boss is something many people aspire to but not everyone will achieve. It is a privilege, being the boss feels good. Although it does comes with many challenges, being someone that is ‘leading the way’ for a company and those involved with that company is an incredible feeling.

4. Never Having to Worry About Being Fired

The fear of being fired can make anyone’s workplace uncomfortable, however as an entrepreneur it is highly unlikely that you will fire yourself. Being an employee you can become the victim of the last in first our policy that exists in many companies when lay offs take place.

5. Getting satisfaction By Pursuing Your Passion

Entrepreneurs aren’t stuck in a career that they aren’t passionate about. Sadly, that is not the case for many employees who report into a thankless job, day-in and day-out. Entrepreneurs are driven by the pursuit of their passions in life.

6. Stand Up For What You Believe In

Being an entrepreneur also gives you the chance to stand up for what you believe in, and spread the word whether it be the opportunity to speak at industry events or imparting your beliefs on the people you choose to work with.

7. Never Being Bored

Working for yourself there is always something to be done and other projects to be explored. It’s not the type of career where every day is ground-hogs day. Each day brings new hurdles to overcome and prevents boredom setting in.

8. Financial Freedom

You are completely in charge of your earning potential. Financial Independence means different things to different people. To some, it means having the cash to buy what they want and to others, it means saving for retirement or a home. Whatever your definition, it means you command your money and not the other way around. Having unlimited earning potential is something to be celebrated.

9. Every Day Is A School Day

As an entrepreneur you are constantly learning, always being presented with new challenges to overcome. Business owners are like sponges, constantly absorbing new information to allow them to apply it when the circumstance arises.

10. Being Able To Think Outside The Box

Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to do things no one has done before, there are no limitations and no-one telling you no! You are the decision maker.

You Snooze, You Lose!

How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? When you finally got out of bed were you feeling groggy and in need of a serious caffeine fix? Is that really how you want to start your day? The snooze button is not your friend!  Here Penmex share 4 tips to get you going bright and early as soon as your alarm first goes off.

1/ Keep your alarm across the room

If your phone or alarm clock is next to your pillow then you’re more likely to hit snooze. By having it out of reach, forcing yourself to get out of bed to put the alarm off the chance of getting up first time is much higher.

2/ Let there be light

To get a good nights sleep make sure you have no distractions, no TV or iPad, the room should be in absolute darkness. When you wake up you want the opposite, open your curtains and let the light shine through.

3/ Start with a shower

It might sound obvious but there are chemical reasons too. When you shower your brain releases the neurochemical dopamine, allowing you to start the day in a happier, more relaxed state.

4/ Find your passion

Getting out of bed in the morning, especially in winter, is made 10 times easier if you have a passion. If it’s not your career then find projects and goals so you wake up with exuberance.

The temptation to hit the snooze button can be tremendous. By changing your habits and getting up and out of bed straight away you will wake up feeling fresher and ready to start the day. Try implementing these tips from today.

Want To Build Brand Loyalty? Let Penmex Show You How!

Living in a digital age where consumers are more savvy in their spending habits, brand loyalty is slowly disappearing. Consumers have the tools at their disposal to seek out the most value for money products and for brands to combat that they need to adapt their marketing strategies to help attract, retain and build loyal customers.

As an outsource sales and marketing company, we provide clients with tailor-made promotional marketing and sales campaigns designed to increase market share and raise brand awareness. One of the by-products of our more personalised, customer focussed marketing is that we are able to build brand loyalty.

Penmex are sharing our tips to build brand loyalty.

Connect with your customers – Customer satisfaction is one of the key components in building brand loyalty, if customers have a positive experience with your brand they are more likely to keep purchasing / using it. To ensure customer satisfaction engage with your customers on a regular basis, allow them the opportunity to provide feedback on your services, allowing you to improve any problem areas. Also provide them with value and motivation which will create a buzz around your brand.

Anticipate their needs – Listening to what customers want allows you to anticipate their needs and focus on what your customers want. Offer incentives (i.e. loyalty cards or programs), as these customers are typically more profitable and will most likely reciprocate by staying loyal to your brand.

Deliver on your promise – Make it a habit to deliver happiness every step of the way.  Show your customers that you truly care by surpassing their expectations.  Offer something new or exciting and stay true to your brand mission and promise.

Be consistent – Consistently delivering the same message and performance through all lines of business is reassuring and helps to instil consumer confidence. Being consistent helps gain your customers’ trust and provides credibility to your brand.

Deliver a personalised experience  – Digital marketing enables us to connect with customers across different platforms, but personalising your interaction with customers is what has the greatest effect. Profile and analyse your customer base and past buying patterns to create personalised interactions with your customers that are relevant to the individual. Keep your focus on building customer relationships.

Want To Become A Better Leader? Let Penmex Show You How!

Penmex, an outsource sale and marketing firm based in Edinburgh, is run by successful entrepreneur and leader, Kirsty Pennal . Penmex opened their doors in June and in only 3 short months have experienced unprecedented success, exceeding both company and client expectation.  We have big goals!  Penmex success can be attributed to one major factor, the leadership mentality that has been instilled in the company.

Penmex have selected the 4 key areas that, if mastered, will make any business professional a better leader.

Lead By Example

You can’t expect others to do something you haven’t done yourself but most importantly you can’t expect to be able to coach and advise someone in an area you don’t have experience in. Our business is structured so that we never ask someone to do something that the Managing Director hasn’t personally done.

Encourage Positive Failure

Every successful business person has a long list of failures behind them, every failed attempt teaches a valuable lesson. Don’t be afraid to fail, embrace it! Each failure gets you one step closer to success. Praise creativity and problem-solving even when the end result isn’t quite what you had hoped.

Be Willing to Listen

Don’t be afraid to let others voice their opinion, just because you’re the leader doesn’t mean you’re always right and can’t be open to opinions. Take time to sit down with people, listen to their opinions, comments and concerns. Giving people a voice lets them feel more valued, boosts morale and leads to a more positive working environment.

Get To Know People

We believe the key to being a great leader is getting to know the people you work with, both personally and professionally. Learn everyone’s names, the personal touch goes a long way in building relationships with people. The best leaders know everyone from the cleaner to the Managing Director. Getting people to like you, on a personal level, makes you more approachable and makes people more willing to follow our lead.