Penmex Reflect on 2014 And Look To The Year Ahead

While the festive season is traditionally the time of year when many business begin to wind-down, as an events-based marketing company the festive season has been our  is our busiest time of the year, as events and venues up and down the country experience their highest footfall in the run up to Christmas. With the New Year fast approaching we have started to reflect on the year that’s past and we are beginning to look ahead to 2015.

When we opened in June, nobody could have predicted the incredible 6 months we’ve experienced here at Penmex. We were well aware that the first year in business is traditionally the hardest, and while it had been a steep learning curve, we have experienced tremendous success. For the last 4 weeks, back to back, we have been the number 1 office in the UK for our client in the Finance sector, which is an incredible feat and something that we are extremely proud of.

We started with 7 people and along the way we have assembled a group of amazing men and women who share our passion and enthusiasm for what we do and who have put in an incredible amount of hard work an effort to get Penmex to where we are today. Our people are our business and our mission is to provide an abundance of learning opportunities for everyone in order to enable them to reach their full potential.

Looking ahead to 2015 we want to expand our business. The first goal is to grow our office to 50 people in January, commonly one of the busiest times in the job market, with many people seeking a change of career as a result of new years resolutions. This growth is to enable us to expand into other UK markets by the end of the second Financial Quarter. Before the year ends we anticipate that we will have moved into at least 2 new cities and be well on the way to establishing Penmex as a market leader in the UK.

Penmex were established in response to an ever growing need for below-the-line marketing solutions, as recent research has suggested that consumers are experiencing brand fatigue as a result of repeated exposure to above-the-line marketing.  We specialise in below-line customer acquisition through providing cost effective, measurable and tailor-made events-based marketing solutions.

The Penmex Rising Star / Top Gun Weekend

On the first weekend of November we held our final Rising Star & Top Gun weekend of the year. These weekends are designed to recognise and reward the independent sales contractors we work with who have shown great consistency in their performance over the last couple of months and also to give credit to the people who are new to the business and are already showing promising signs of being the next front runners. This time we had the opportunity to hold a joint event with our business associates in Newcastle.

The lucky winners were; Sophie Zoeller, Kayleigh Skinner and Darren Boyle.


The weekend kicked off with paint-balling at one of Scotland’s top paint-balling venues Bedlam Paint-baling, in Edinburgh. Edinburgh versus Newcastle made it extremely competitive and the combat game was a big hit as always.

After the exertion of paint-balling we had a relaxing evening at a VIP Champagne Bar in Edinburgh City Centre.


The weekend was a great team bonding session and was a well earned reward for those selected as the Top Guns and Rising Stars.  With only 5 weeks left till the end of the year we are excited to find the next wave of talented people who will be attending these events next year.